HuskyVision Self Help

Experiencing Trouble?

  • Ensure you are connected to the correct jack.
    Students: in most residence halls there are two coax jacks. In this instance, use the coax jack that is not on the same faceplate as the phone/data connection.
  • First time setting up your TV?
    Visit Digital TV FAQ's for troubleshooting tips.
  • Make sure that your TV or DVD/media device has been programmed correctly.
    You may need to reprogram each time power to the TV or DVD/media device has been interrupted.
  • Make sure your TV or DVD/media device is set to use the proper input (usually cable or CATV).
    For some televisions and media devices, this can only be done using the remote control.
  • Check volume and mute buttons on all equipment, including remote controls.
  • If you have poor reception quality:
  • Check if . . .

    • Your cable is loose at either end
    • There is tape or string holding the cable in place
    • The cable has slide-on connectors (as opposed to threaded, which screw on)
    • Your cable is spliced, kinked or damaged in anyway

Then, tighten all connections, replace damaged cable and/or tighten all connections. New cables can be purchased at the UConn Bookstore and most electronic stores.

If your wall jack is damaged or loose, or if the problem persists submit a request through ServiceIT, or call ITS Help Center at 486-4357

Note: In order to comply with FCC regulations, the University must monitor the amount of signal loss in all buildings on campus. The most common occurrences of signal loss are the result or loose or poor cable connections, damaged cables and damaged or loose wall jacks. HUSKYvision may contact you and request an appointment if test results are in violation of FCC regulations.

Request On-site Technical Support
Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

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